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How to make a potato gun?

A potato is often referred to as the most versatile of all vegetables. The following article provides potato gun instructions. This is meant only for fun and should never be used as a weapon. Here's how to make gun guide - follow the plans for a gun design as a spud cannon.

What you will need

Here are what you will need:
-2 PVC pipes PVC reducer Sewer plug Electric barbecue starter Screws -Glue Hairspray Potatoes


Step one
Using a file, sharpen one end of the four foot length of PVC.
This will be the end of the barrel and will serve to shave the potato down to the correct size when you cram it in the end of the gun.


Step two
For this set of potato gun instructions, you will need four screws. Insert them at the other end of the barren, about three inches from the end.
They should be evenly spaced.
This will prevent the potato from sliding into the combustion chamber which will describe in the next step of the potato gun instructions.


Step three
Glue the reducer to the two foot PVC pipe using the epoxy glue. Glue the Sewer Plug to the other end.
The sewer plug looks like a big cap, but it has a plug in the end of it with a square head which you can unscrew.


Step four
Drill two holes in the centre of the 2 Foot section of PVC pipe and install the electric barbecue starter.
The potato gun instructions can't exactly tell you how to do this because they are all a little different, so follow the manufacturers' instructions and use your head.


Step five
Glue the barrel onto the combustion chamber using the epoxy glue. Now you are done with the potato gun instructions.
Let it dry and its time to try it out.


Step six
Cram a potato in the end and push it down to the screws using a broom handle.


Step seven
Unscrew the plug and spray a modest burst of hairspray.
This may take trial and error because too much and it will not ignite and too little and it won't have enough juice to launch the potato.


Step eight
Put the cap back on, aim and fire. Spuds away with your potato launcher.
Remember that it is illegal to use potato guns as weapons.

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