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How to make a pull-up banner

This article shows a creative and inexpensive way to create pop up, pull-up banners. These are great for advertising and are easily stored away thanks their retractable banners design.

Making the banner

Overview Take your new window shade out of its packaging and remove the metal ends. Determine the size that you require the banner or sign to be and using your knife, cut through the shade and cardboard tubing. You should do this when it is still in its rolled up state. Next, roll out the shade to the length you would like the banner to be. Cut the side with the cardboard tubing (top of shade). Do not cut at the bottom of the shade where the wood dowel is (to pull the shade down); you can use this to roll up the banner easily when not in use. Using the tape, reinforce the edges by taping along them, either on the back or the front of the shade.Why not use coloured tape for a really nice way to frame the banner and give it a more professional look?
If you are taping the back, you would only need to tape the ends that you have cut or sliced. Using your store bought or home-made stencils, or if brave enough, free-draw the outline or design of what you want on the banner. When you have your design, use the thick markers to add colour and impact to the sign.
Make sure that you let marker dry completely or it will smudge.
If you are not the drawing type, you can take coloured or patterned contact paper, cut out the letters and shapes and peel and stick them onto your banner. When done, use the knife again to make a slit in each corner of the banner. Thread rope or twine in the corners ready to hang. You can use other hanging methods if you prefer. You could also use a printer to create print banners.

Other ideas

Final word You can use this method to make a number of different promotional roller banners. You may want to think about display exhibition panels, company banners, advertising banners, exhibition banners and mesh pull up banners.

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