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How to make a website for kids?

In this digital generation, more and more children are becoming web surfers. As such, many websites are being aimed specifically at children, both as an entertainment device and marketing tool. This article will show you how to build your own website specifically aimed at children.

Create your Site

It can be difficult to make your own web page, but many resources are available online. These resources allow you to create a website as well as host your own site. Website building and hosting can be paid for, but many online web design tools will host a site for free.

Understand your audience

Remember, writing content for children is not like writing content for adults. Children have limited vocabularies, are unable to concentrate (limited attention span) when reading long paragraphs and are much more likely to give up reading on your site if the content is boring, dryly written or simply not entertaining enough.

Think about your audiences' interests

Clearly, creating a website for kids means actually writing about something that children are interested in, such as animals, school issues, sports, toys etc. What's more, kids who are interested in the area you plan to write about are often experts and have very high standards. Sub-par content or poor writing will mean that the child does not engage himself/herself with your website, and simply finds another site rather than persevere to explore something that they find too elementary.


Child safety on the Internet is the number one priority when creating a webpage aimed specifically at children.
Licentious content should be avoided at all costs Clearly, this means certain types of content are simply not acceptable, including violence, drug use, sex or bad language. Confidentiality issues Furthermore, while it is good to get children involved in a website’s content, names, ages, addresses etc MUST REMAIN CONFIDENTIAL, and any opinion a child makes must be moderated. The option for a child to remove a post or opinion from the site is also essential.

Do's and Dont's

A child's page must be engaging, informative, entertaining and fun. This may involve pictures, music, sounds or games. However, children are easily confused if too many things are going on in one area of your page, so be sure to use these techniques sparingly. Furthermore, the option to turn sound off is preferable.

Do not underestimate your audience

Children have the same high standards that many adults do.
Ongoing updates and site maintenance When making a child-friendly website, be sure to put in as much effort into great content, and site maintenance as you would for any other adult based website. Remember, children are easily distracted, and if unimpressed, are far more likely to exit your site than continue to remain on an ancient website.

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