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How to make a wooden box?

In this article we will show you how to build a simple wooden box. With a few common tools, you will be able to use these principles to build a range of wooden projects without the need to buy specialist woodworking plans.


When following woodworking "how to" guides, you will commonly need the following tools : Marking gauge
Try square
Tenon saw
Wood glue
Drill Woodworking tables or a work bench will make work much easier so if you plan to embark on a lot of projects, seriously consider investing in one of these.

Choose an appropriate wood joint

Depending on the type of project you wish to build, you will need to use different wood joints. Use this guide to help you to make a well-informed choice. Butt Joints
This is the simplest kind of joint and simply involves screwing the pieces of wood together at right angles. Use wood glue and self tapping screws to make the joint. It does not look particularly attractive but would still be useful for storage boxes that are hidden out of sight. Halving Joint
This is stronger than a butt joint due to the increased surface area for the glue to act on. To make this joint, you need to use a router table. Finger Joint
This is stronger and more attractive than the above joints. It takes a lot of marking out so it may be quicker to purchase a specialist marking template. This joint is often used on wooden boxes used for storage like bread bins and coffee containers. Mortise and Tenon
If you are set on building a bed from scratch, then it is best to avoid a box design. Bed frame parts can be bought online. You could also use some two by four sections to make the bed frame rails. Mortise and tenon joints are the strongest way to attach these parts. For more details, search online for bed frame plans.

Assembly and materials

Before you start marking out, choose one kind of wood from the list below : Hard Woods
The most expensive, the strongest and best looking. Examples include oak and teak. Soft Woods
These woods come from fast growing evergreen trees. They aren't as strong but can still look attractive if they are finished well with wax or varnish. Man Made Board
This is extremely cheap and doesn't look as attractive as real wood but will be useful for storage boxes. Assembly
Remember the old adage: Measure twice, cut once. When you start any woodworking project, be it a simple toy box made from wood or something more complex like a kid's wood drawing table, proper planning saves you time and money.

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