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How to make an origami rose?

You must have tried making a lot of things out of paper. This is popularly known as origami art. Some of these are easy and some are difficult. This article will provide you with a step-by-step guide for making a beautiful origami rose.

Making an origami rose

Steps to make an origami flower
Arrange a square paper of the colour you want your rose to be. How to fold:
To start the folding process, keep the colourful side of the paper towards the front side.
Now fold the square paper in half in a way that the collared side remains inside. Now open the fold, turn the paper around and draw a line along the crease. Since the colourful portion will form the rose, the line made on the backside will not be visible.
Next, fold the lower and upper half of the paper in half again. It should form four different parts of the square paper.
Colour all the creases thus formed.
Rotate this paper again and repeat the last two steps, which will give you sixteen little squares formed on that paper.
Now fold this paper diagonally from both the sides in a way that should give you two lines that divide the paper diagonally, forming four triangles.
Next, fold the paper again in half. Fold the lower half, just one third and open up the paper again.
Rotate it in 90 degrees and repeat the last two steps again.

Making an origami rose

How to shape the rose:
Now mark the creases formed by the last two steps in two different colours for each step.
Fold the first step’s creases upwards and the other ones inward with each corner.
Leave the middle standing out while pressing down horizontal and vertical parts, counter clockwise.
Now press down on the four corners of the centre part, making the paper turn into a tiny flat square.
Turn the paper around and label the four parts, bringing the borders in perfect alignment.
Repeat the last two steps with all the four corners, round up all four sides, and flip the rose upside down.
Now fold the petals one by one and tuck the last petal under the gap beneath to obtain a beautiful rose flower.
Add stem and leaves to the rose to make it look real and try out innovations with different colours.

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