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How to make business cards

For a business to be a successful, one of the requirements is usually advertising or marketing. One way to highlight your business may be is through business cards. It is always a good idea to have a supply of these with you wherever you may be - that way you can easily market your business effortlessly. Here are two methods to design your own business cards at very little cost to you or your business.

Using existing software

Using programmes already installed Most users of computers will have Microsoft Office installed. That system contains a device that will allow you to download a template onto your computer. In no time you can design your very own professional looking business cards. How to create your own business cards Open the programme and choose the option for a new file.
Then, from the Tools menu, click onto Envelopes and labels.
From here, choose options and select Avery standard in the Product type listing.
Within the product number section, click on 3612 - Business card. Once this is selected, click OK. Designing the template Clicking on New document will give you a template with the margins for a business card. From the Insert menu, select Picture.
Next you can browse your computer files for an appropriate picture or logo for your business card.
Adjust to the size required.
Select the font required and type the company name and any business details you wish to add.
Previewing your customized business cards The template will have ten spaces on each page, copy and paste the design into each space. Select "Print preview" to view how your design will look. Select "Save" if you are satisfied with your design. Using blank business cards in your printer, press the Print button and your cards will be ready in seconds.

Free or low cost templates online

Using online templates Another way to make your own business cards is to use one of the many templates that are available online for this purpose. You just need to search for business card templates and select the one that you prefer to use. Many of these are available at no cost, some however will charge you a fee for this service. Download the template Once you download the template, the instructions will appear on your computer screen as and when you have to add a picture or design. You should also include the written information for your business such as address, telephone numbers and email address.
Print onto business cards When you are satisfied with the ultimate style and design, the business cards can be printed onto blank business card paper, usually 10 or 12 to each page depending on the design.

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