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How to make corner wall shelves

Corners are really a waste of space in many homes. However, corner shelves come to the rescue of these useless spaces. Using television brackets and a corner shelf, you can create a wonderful wall mount for TV. To mount LCD TV on any wall is very easy with the special TV mounts available on the market, but to mount a TV in a corner is a bit trickier, but not difficult.


Measure the length of your TV and add 10 cm on each side to make sure that the TV will stand safely on the new shelf. If you have an older TV set, measure its thickness, as well as it height.


Add 10 cm to the TV length and square this value. Divide it by two. Get the square root of this new value. You can use an online calculator to get all the necessary results. The value that you have obtained is the length of each side of the corner.

Mark the wall and the wood boards

Mark the length mentioned in step two on the wall. Moreover, mark the height where you need your TV to be placed, making sure that it fits. Mark on the wall the intersection of the two measurements. Mark on the boards the length of the TV plus 10 cm.

Cut and prepare the boards

Use an angle mitre saw to cut the board at a 45°-angle on each end. Use a wider board if you have a TV set which is not really as flat as the modern ones. Use an electric jointer to create a 45°-chamfer on the outside and on the inside edge of the board.

Paint the board

Use polyurethane paint to cover the boards. This will ensure that the shelf will have a natural wood aspect. If you want another colour, just use any wood paint in the colour that you desire. Always wait until the first coat of paint is dried before applying the second coat.

Install the wall brackets for TV

Use an electric drill and the provided screws to attach the brackets on the wall. Make sure that they are symmetrical on each wall by installing them at equal lengths from the corner. After you attach them, place the board on top of them and mark the holes on the board. Use a level to make sure that they are horizontally even.

Install the wall shelves

Use the electric drill and screws to attach the board to the brackets. Make sure that you drill small holes on the marked spots before you actually make the final screwing.

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