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How to make money online

Making money online seems to be an elusive dream for most people. The concept of making money on the Internet requires extreme patience and consistent efforts, qualities that are alien to most people. Nevertheless, there are several legitimate ways to earn money from the Internet. This article describes how to make money online.

Freelance writing and editing jobs

There are a plethora of freelance writing and editing jobs provided by the Internet. Content websites such as Wikio Experts, Helium, Suite101, Bukisa, Demand Studios, Bright Hub and Associated Content are great platforms where writers can engage in online writing. Thousands of writing and editing projects are also posted daily on freelance sites like Odesk, Elance and even Craigslist. Starting a blog and selling advertisements to third parties are also a great way to make money. In fact, it is one of the most popular ideas for making money online.

Web design and programming

Website design and programming are online money-making niches that offer countless of opportunities. Basically, IT graduates and computer enthusiasts can potentially earn
four-five figure salary a month, just by designing and constructing websites. Most of the time, designers and programmers are also asked by clients to manage and create the latter's social media accounts. This includes his/her Facebook page, Twitter and LinkedIn profile.

Affiliate marketing/selling

Affiliate marketers promote a particular product or service which is offered by their affiliate companies. In return, the affiliate companies share a small portion (commission) of the sale to affiliate marketers. Normally, commissions range from
one-five percent. Shopping websites like and ClickBank are known to offer structured affiliate marketing programs. Starting an online business and selling regular products like books, gadgets and home furniture or interactive products like e-books, audio books and advertisement spaces are the best money-making ideas provided by the Internet. Some of the top online businesses include online business consulting companies, dating websites and online marketplaces.

Paid surveys and click sites

Answering paid surveys and joining click sites are among the easiest ways of making money online. Some of the best survey sites that accept members from the United Kingdom include Opinion People, Global Test Market, Survey Savvy, and Opinion World. Click or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) sites, pay their members for every advertisement that they click on. Some of the top PPC sites include Wordlinx and NeoBux.

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