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How to make mosaics?

Making mosaics require you to be a little artistic and creative. Moreover, you should have a clear picture of what you want to make, in your mind. For the rest, leave it on the article to teach you how to start the work.


Mosaic is a child’s play if you know the basic procedures of starting the work. Here is a stepwise explanation which will make you an expert with time, when it comes to making a mosaic.
Steps for making mosaics - The first thing to do will be to draw a rough sketch of what you have in mind on a paper. This sketch acts as a basic guide of what your end product would be like. - The next step will lead to the local hardware store near to your place to select different tiles which you want to use as per the colour, design and texture. If you are much of an artist, then purchasing a tile cutter to create unique shapes would be a much better option. Other than that, you will also have to buy tile adhesive along with cement. - The next step requires a bit of demolition to be done by breaking the tiles into bits or you can use the tile cutter if you are planning some special shapes. Other than that, you can also use any hard object to break the tile into small bits and in different shapes. To avoid scratches on the tiles you can use a cloth to beak the tiles on floor. - Collect the broken tiles in different colour categories so that you can arrange them as per your design. - After breaking comes, the step of making the mosaic as you have to put the tiles on the sketch that you drew earlier. - Slide the broken pieces back in the picture by using a wooden frame so that the pieces do not get scattered. After gathering, you will have to glue each pieces in their respective places to create the design. - After using adhesive, it is time to create a paste of cement using cement and water in a proportion. Spread this mixture over the design using a cloth.


These steps can lead you to a very beautiful mosaic of your own and will save you money as well, which otherwise you would have paid to the mosaic maker.

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