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How to make personalised greeting cards

Personalised greeting cards can be much more meaningful than ordinary cards and can be made to suit all occasions. These could be Christmas or birthday cards or even charity cards or corporate business cards. This article gives you some ideas as to how to go about making your own personalised greeting cards.

Gather inspiration

Browse store shelves, craft shops and supermarkets to get a feel for different card designs and ideas that appeal to you. It can help you to look at past greeting cards that you have received or that you have created yourself to gain inspiration.

Choose a theme

Choose a theme for your greeting card and most importantly, match it to the occasion that you are giving the greeting card for. If you have a large percentage of recipients who celebrate a traditional celebration, for example, then choose a theme that is conducive to those beliefs. For people with different faith systems, choose either a generic winter-based theme or a theme that can easily be adapted

Try different ideas

Sketch the basic layout that you plan to use on your greeting card. Try several different ideas, layouts, colours and pictures before settling on your favourite idea and replicating it.

Gather materials

Gather the materials that you will need for your greeting card. If you are building the card from scratch, you will need assorted card stock for the base of your card as well various embellishments to add focus and interest to your card. It is only you who will know what materials you need exactly to make your personalised greeting card.

Choose a picture and a message

Select the photographs or drawings that you would like to include on your greetings card. Try to make this relative to the occasion that the card is being given. You can also create a photo collage or create a card that does not include any photographs. On top of this, select your own message or little poem to put on the front of the card as well as into the card.

Put the card together

Once all of these factors have been considered and put together, you can make your final card. Remember that it is a personalised card and so, make it personal and make sure that you add your own little touches to it.

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