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How to make successful cold calls

Making successful cold calls is a necessary skill, not just in salesmanship but in business as a whole. Nearly every person in an organisation should learn how to make cold call and know the basics of successful sales calls. In this article, find out how to make successful cold calls.

Know your prospects

Investing time Investing time in knowing your prospects will go a long way in helping you to make successful cold calls. Needless to say, cold calling should not be automated calling nor should it be junk emails and spam.
Know the details Cold calls should not be wholly centred on the product or service that the salesman's company is selling but to the prospect. Hence, it is necessary to take time to know the prospect - primarily his/her preferences, affiliations, position, and likes and dislikes. Most importantly, know his/her complete name and know how to pronounce it correctly.

Start a conversation and not a sales presentation

Starting a pleasant conversation is obviously better than starting a stiff sales presentation. People are naturally skeptic when it comes to salesmen. Thus, it would be better to approach them in a friendly manner first and then try to sell them afterwards.

Be prepared – Know what you‘re selling

Do not be over-confident One of the biggest mistakes a typical salesman does is to believe that he/she knows everything about the product or the service that his/her company offers. While salesmen know the product and service together with technical specifications, competitive advantages and features, these are not enough. In fact, the prospects aren't really interested in the technical specifications, competitive advantages and features of the product or service. Prospects are more interested on how the product or the service can help him/her and what benefits he/she can obtain from buying and owning one. Know what kind of help and benefits you are selling to be on the right track.

Make the prospect feel he/she is important

Take into account the prospect's point of view Another important principle of salesmanship that can also be applied to cold calling is to make the prospect feel that he/she is important. Naturally, people think on their own terms and point of views. Thus, it is imperative that all salesmen learn to think on the prospect's own terms and point of views so that it would be easier to sell them.

Don‘t argue with prospects

Nobody wins an argument, especially in salesmanship and cold calling. If you win an argument against a prospect, you'll definitely lose a sale. Instead of arguing, find points where you and your prospect can agree on.

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