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How to make your own book

If you had no luck in getting published by a major publisher, or just want to print your own, well-crafted, fully formed book to show off to friends and family, self-publishing, or on-demand publishing has become quicker, easier, and can be done in seconds thanks to the internet.

Get your content ready

What do you need?
No matter who you are writing for, or what you're writing, always make sure your content is up to a high standard, and is actually a publishable content that you will be proud of.
Do this by writing and editing your story in a standard word processor, such as Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, or indeed Writer.
Ensure that your spelling and grammar are correct, and that you're sure about what you want in the book, and where you want it to be.
You might also, at this stage, wish to create cover art for your book, which can be done easily in softwares such as Photoshop or Paint

Get it printed

How to get it printed?
Next, after you're sure about your content and its quality, you can go ahead and get your book published.
Internet publishing and 'print-on-demand' such as has become more and more popular.
First of all, you need to create an account with Lulu.
You can do this by simply filling out your details on the home-page, and following the outlined steps.
Once you've created and verified your account, go to 'my dashboard'.
Here, you'll be able to select which kind of book you want to make, whether it's hardback, paperback, or even maybe a photo book, you can choose what you want here.
After you have chosen a book, you can choose how you want this book to be distributed.
This can either be done via Lulu's own store or through online retailers such as
Next, you can choose the printing and binding process for your book.
There are a variety of options available, but these are your preference, and are almost completely aesthetic. Final word
Clicking 'next' will take you to a page where you can upload your document.
Full instructions are provided, and there are file type and size limits, so you may wish to read these.
Clicking the 'next' button here will then cause Lulu's servers to process your file, and allow you to design your covers.

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