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How to make your own invitation cards

Making your own invitation cards is a fun way to create a memorable keepsake for any occasion. Designing and making your own wedding, birthday, or anniversary invitation cards allows you to be creative and give a unique style to the invite. Here are several ways to make your own memorable invitation cards.

Use online resources

Use the Internet to create your own cards. Template sites Use a website which offers invitation templates that you can print out. 1. Go to the website and choose a theme.
2. Choose the invitation which you like the most and print it out.
3. Decorate and fill out your card. Download and print sites Although a majority of the template sites are free, the more customised templates are from pay sites. These sites offer themed invitations which you can customise to your liking and then download them to your computer for a fee to print out when you are ready. 1. Sign up at your chosen website.
2. Choose a template.
3. Personalise the colours and text of your custom cards.
4. Fill out the billing information and pay.
5. Click the link to download your personalised card and print it out at your leisure. Specialised websites Many sites are specialised in printing invitation cards which you can design on their site. All you have to do is fill out the information on the card after choosing a design of your liking. The majority of these sites will allow you to upload photos and images to add to the invitation. For a fee, the website will print out the invitation, include blank envelopes, and ship them right to your door. Electronic invitations If everyone on your guest list has an email address, sending out electronic invitations can save you time and money, and will still allow you to be creative. Popular online stationery sites offer cards and invitations which you customise and then send out to a list of emails for free.

Handmade with love

If you are creative and love to give a personal touch to things, create your own cards with some art and craft supplies. Each card which you create will be unique and something worthy of adding to a scrapbook. - Buy some card stock and a variety of different textured papers. - Add embellishments to your card and try out some calligraphy for a special touch inside. - Purchase blank cards and glue photos or draw/paint/stamp your own designs. - Personalise the card to go with the theme of the invitation and don’t forget the colourful envelopes to send them in.

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