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How to mix drinks?

Although bartenders are often revered as drink masters, learning how to make cocktails is actually quite easy. All that is necessary is the ingredients, obviously, and drink ideas. You can get ideas on what to drink by looking through the bar-tending recipes, or drink recipes, in a cocktail guide or drink book. Keep in mind that anyone who drinks alcohol should never drive.

Regular Mixed Drinks

These are the easiest types of drinks to mix. People usually make drinks of this sort in a highball glass, which can hold eight to twelve fluid ounces (237 to
355 milliliters) of liquid.
The first step in mixing these drinks is adding ice to the glass. It is important to completely fill, or slightly overfill, the glass. If there is not enough ice, the drink will not taste as it should. Next, add one or two alcohol shots. You can then add your preferred drink mixers, filling the glass to the top. These mixers can be anything like juice, soda, or water. Add a long cocktail straw, and stir once.

Shaker Drinks

These types of drinks use two metal cups, one slightly larger than the other, and require a bit more practice than regular drinks. Shaker cups are usually used for drinks that contain creamy ingredients or drinks with several ingredients. They are also used for strained drinks and can be used as a martini mixer.
First, pour all of the drink ingredients, including the ice, into a large highball glass or tumbler. Carefully pour all of these ingredients into the smaller shaker cup, and fit the larger shaker cup over the rim. Now comes the tricky part: Firmly hold the two cups together, and shake them vigorously a few times. Set the cups down, with the larger cup on the bottom, and remove the smaller cup. Carefully pour the mixed drink back into the glass. Add a straw and enjoy! For a strained drink, cover the cup with a cocktail screen, and strain the liquid into a glass, keeping the ice inside the cup.

Blended Drinks

Blended drinks, or frozen drinks, are an excellent choice for a hot summer day. They are actually quite simple to make. You will need all of your drink ingredients as well as a heavy duty blender.
First, pour all of your ingredients into the blender. Cover the top to avoid making a mess on your ceiling, counter, walls, hair, clothes, and innocent bystanders. Start blending at the lowest setting. Switch to high after a few seconds. Turn the blender off and remove the cover. Carefully pour the mixture into glasses, and add a large straw.

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