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How to pass the LSAT test

Required for law schools in the USA, Canada, India and Australia, the LSAT exam (the Law School Admission Test) is taken by more than 150,000 students from around the world. The test is one of the main factors considered by admissions committees at law schools. A test taker who understands some important strategies will be better able to make higher LSAT scores. Find more in this article.

Know the test

Understand the sections of the LSAT test: - Logical reasoning (Argumentation),
- Analytical reasoning,
- Reading comprehension,
- Experimental and writing sample. Students should make sure that they understand what each of the section means and what the test is asking for before the actual test is taken.

LSAT preparation

LSAT preparation is vital for anyone who desires to do well on the test. Preparation for the test should be started up to a year before the test taker plans to take the test. Home preparation Bookstores carry LSAT preparation books that can help students as they study for the LSAT. McGraw Hill, Princeton Review and Kaplan Review all have LSAT prepration books that students can use at home. Most of these books come with a CD-rom that supplements information found in the books. If these books cannot be found at home, they can be found on or Students can also look at online sources that can help them with their LSAT preparation. LSAT preparation courses Test takers who are interested in a more structured course of LSAT study can sign-up for a LSAT preparation course. These course are often taught by people who have done extremely well on the LSAT. The classes are intense and frequently involve a practice LSAT test under conditions similar to the one that will be taken by the test taker.

Choose the right dates

Test takers should carefully choose their LSAT test date. They should be careful not to choose a date that is close to big events such as a wedding or graduation. Consideration should be given as to when law schools require scores to be submitted. Women should monitor their menstrual cycles to ensure that the test is not happening during a time when they may experience cramps or headaches associated with menstruation. Reference: Law School Admissions Council (LSAC)-

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