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How to prepare pictures for poster prints

Poster prints require high resolution photo images, so before you get to the printing stage of a poster print, you need to use the right camera settings. Most phone cameras do not have a high enough resolution for poster prints, but new cell phones with five to eight megapixels will work if they are set at the highest resolution possible. This article will show you how to prepare pictures for poster prints.

Taking photos with poster prints in mind

When you are going to take a photo intended for a large printing, set your camera to have the highest resolution possible. This will take up a lot of space in your camera's memory, especially if you are going to take several photos.
Be sure to use a memory card, which will be easier to use if you are going to a printing service instead of ordering online poster prints.
Photo alignment Although, you can adjust your photo alignment and centering the photo through editing, you will save many pixels if you shoot your photo horizontally and if you want a landscape photo. When you edit digital photos, you can lose quality by zooming in on a picture in the photo editor. The fewer changes you need to make, the better your photo poster print will look at the end.

Ordering poster prints

If you order your photos online through Kodak or another service, you will have many choices. You can get poster prints on various photo papers and even have your photo placed on canvas. Printers who use canvas backing can give a photo done in an almost painted look, even with prints from a digital camera. Matte photos are traditional, but glossy photos can look gorgeous with vibrant colors. Your photos will probably be delivered to you in a round mailing tube.
Font If you add words to your photo, you will want to make sure that the font is simple looking. A sans-serif style font will enlarge with fewer pixel errors than a complicated font. You might want to add the year the photo was taken, the names of the people in the photo, the location of the photo, and the name of the photographer.
Canvas or solid bank
If you are going to be displaying your poster prints on exhibition stands, you will need a canvas or solid back. If you are going to use a frame, you need to make sure that you leave some edging around the photo so that nothing is cut off in the framing process.

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