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How to put songs on iPod?

The creation of the iPod has taken music to a whole new level. The iPod products are generally more advanced than other basic mp3 players.Therefore, learning how to use an iPod may be a bit confusing at first. Learning how to put songs on iPod players are generally one of those things that can easily become harder than it really is intended to be. Luckily all you need is a USB cable and a computer to put songs onto your iPod.

Connect your iPod to your computer

- Use the USB cable that comes with your iPod to connect your iPod to your computer. - Double click on iTunes and wait for iTunes to recognize your device.

Download music

- Go to the iTunes music store tab in your iTunes player to get music and download to iPod. - Decide on which songs that you want to add to your iPod and click on "Buy." - Wait for the songs to fully download onto your iTunes music player.

Synch songs to your iPod

- To begin adding the songs to your iPod, click on the the tab for your iPod player. Tip: You can find this on the left-hand side of your iTunes music player. - Go to the bottom of the page where it shows you all of the space that is being taken up on your music player. - Click on "sync" to begin syncing.

Wait for all of the songs to sync

Syncing music to your iPod is a three step process that may take some time. - One of the steps includes backing up all of the music on your iPod. Therefore if you have a lot of songs, this may end up taking a few minutes. - If you do not have time to wait, you can click on the little "x" to terminate the process. You can find this by looking at the place where the Apple logo usually is on the display, at the top of your iTunes music player.

Finish syncing

- Wait for the display to say "finish sync" then you can disconnect your iPod player by clicking on the 'Eject' button. - Once your iPod is disconnected, go to the music library on it to see if the songs have been successfully added. Hint:Usually it may take a few seconds for the music library on your iPod to fully load all of the songs. Now you can begin listening to all of your favorite songs.

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