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How to remove mold and mildew

Unknown to many people, mold can cause allergic reactions, such as stuffy noses, irritated eyes and breathing problems. Mold and mildew thrives best in attics, basements and moist areas in the home. Using the right tools, mold and mildew can be removed from your home permanently. Preventative measures can then be taken to prevent it from coming back.

Remove mold and mildew

- Dress in old clothes and wear non-porous plastic gloves, a mask and protective eye wear.
- Open the windows and doors while you are removing mold and mildew so that if spores break free, they will not be trapped indoors.
- Remove porous items which contain mold.
- Porous items are very difficult to clean if they have mold and should be thrown away. This includes carpeting, wallpaper, upholstery, dry wall, clothing, paper, food and wood. Please keep these items in a plastic bag to avoid spreading the mold spores.
- Spray non-porous moldy surfaces with water to prevent sports from releasing toxic dust while you are working.
- Prepare a bleach mix to clean the mold and mildew.
- Pour one cup of bleach into one gallon of water.
- Use a stiff brush and the bleach mix and scrub the affected areas. This will kill the mold but it will return within one week. Preventative measures must be taken to prevent it from coming back.


- Fix leaky pipes and poor grading in your home. If any moisture is present, the mold and mildew will continue to come back on a continual basis.
- Purchase a dehumidifier. Some dehumidifiers contain a HEPA filter, which rids the air of mold spores.
- Place the device in the basement, or where you notice a damp, musty smell. This will help cut down on moisture levels.
- Increase ventilation. For example, while you take a shower run a bathroom fan or open the window slightly.
- Use exhaust fans when you are cooking. Ensure your clothes dry vent is routed outside.
- Clean up spills quickly and clean very thoroughly. Mold will not grow if cleaned within 48 hours.
- Inspect your home on a regular basis so that you can catch mold outbreaks before they spread in your home. It is much easier to stop an outbreak if you catch it early.

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