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How to remove stretch marks from pregnancy

Stretch marks after pregnancy are very common. Almost 90% of women get them which can cause them to be self-conscious of their appearance. This article will describe the methods and treatments to get rid of these blemishes.

What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks Stretch marks can be unsightly to look at, and are very hard to get rid of. Though they aren't harmful to a person's health, they can be very embarrassing. There are many causes of stretch marks, but the most common with women is pregnancy. Facts show that approximately 90% of women get stretch marks from pregnancy. Stretch marks from pregnancy mainly develop because of the skin stretching to accommodate the baby. The stretching of the skin beyond its capacity results to the collagen in it to separate and develop streaks. The appearance of stretch marks can sometimes lead to dry skin with redness and itchiness. After giving birth, new mothers tend to worry a lot about their stretch marks from pregnancy. However, there are methods and treatments available to reduce stretch marks.

Ways of removing stretch marks after pregnancy

How to remove stretch marks There are many ways in which to avoid stretch marks. Here is a list of treatments and methods to avoid these blemishes. Laser therapy Laser therapy is commonly used. This method makes use of laser surgery to quickly get rid of stretch marks. Before going for this procedure, consult a dermatological surgeon to know more about the various types of laser treatments that can be used to treat your problem. Other common methods are certain medications and Vitamin E oil which, if applied, is suppose to be absorbed by your skin by massaging it for about ten minutes. Another treatment to utilise is exfoliation whereby you use a scrub, and you allow the affected area to be exfoliated after soaking your skin in hot water. There are certain stretch marks creams that can be used to treat the problem. One which is most commonly used is cocoa butter. Massage the cocoa butter into your skin, and leave on overnight. Cocoa butter can be used along with olive oil and aloe vera gel for a more effective stretch marks from pregnancy treatment. Final word
These remedies can be used to treat stretch marks as a result of pregnancy. Besides from these, you can also reduce the appearance of stretch marks from pregnancy by taking good care of your skin and by following good lifestyle habits.

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