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How to restore antique door hardware

Antique door hardware is interesting as it reflects the styles of the time in which it was produced. From the formal hardware of the Georgian period to the fanciful hardware of the Arts and Crafts period, to the elaborate hardware of the Victorian era, the styles of the period are reflected in the hinges, door knobs and lock-sets. When you have an older house or one which you wish to make look old, antique door hardware can help to tie the house's style together. Restoring them properly can make them look new.

Brass hardware

Brass hardware can be restored. However, the state of the hardware can determine how to go about the restoration. If the hardware is in a pretty good condition, then you should be able to do this yourself. Clean the brass hardware thoroughly with soap and water, solvents, polish and a compound which will protect it. Restoring brass hardware However, if the brass hardware is not in good shape, then it will be necessary to use a buffing wheel to remove the old finish, what remains of it, as well as to smooth the surface of the hardware. A spinning wheel can help to polish the surface of the brass. An acrylic urethane coating will help you to preserve the new finish. If the hardware is in a shape which is beyond your capability of restoring it, then your local brass restorers will be able to do the job for you.

Glass doorknobs

Antique glass doorknobs offer whimsey and beauty to any door. The ones made from the 1800s to the beginning of the twentieth century were made to last with brass fittings and quality glass. They also feature a variety of colours and styles including swirls, facets like diamonds or cuts like wineglasses. When restoring the glass knob, first remove it from the hardware via the retaining strews, then wash it with soap and water. If the dirt is embedded, you may try soaking the knob into a crock pot filled with soapy water.

Porcelain doorknobs

Porcelain doorknobs also offer a variety of style which are equal to glass as well as brass doorknobs. The knobs can be plain, painted, shaped, and could even resemble wood. These can be cleaned with soap and water and with a gentle cleanser. If the doorknob's painted surface needs to be restored, then artisans in your area will be able to do the work for you.

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