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How to reupholster a couch?

Furniture need reupholstering after some time. Reupholstering changes the look of a couch and adds more value by increasing its lifespan. Most of the couches are designed in such a manner that fabric gets replaced easily. Knowing how to upholster makes the task easy to perform.

Steps of reupholstering

-Check those parts where reupholstering is required and formulate an idea on how you are going to reupholster it.
-Measure all couch dimensions and purchase fabric accordingly
-Make sure to purchase fabric of high quality to sustain with normal wear and tear
-Purchase the right colour fabric to complement the colour of your room
-Remove the old fabric using a pair of scissors and check the condition of padding: If is in good condition, reuse it, otherwise use synthetic padding to secure the couch's base
-Simultaneously check upon the frame and spring of the couch. If springs are in loose condition, use pliers to tighten them.
- Lay the new fabric on floor, cut the cloth as per the dimensions obtained. Make sure to mark the dimensions with the dark or coloured pencil so that it will remain visible while cutting the fabric. You should leave one extra inch while cutting the cloth.
-Attach cloth to the cushion by stapling it from one end. After stapling it, stretch the fabric and staple it from other end. It is advised to use heavy duty stapler.
-Sew all the pieces of fabric together. Make slip covers with the help of sewing machines for fitting the cushions adequately. For sealing the covers, you can use some buttons or zipper.


Important points to remember
It is necessary to consider few points while reupholstering a couch:
- Gather everything you will need to upholster your furniture. Your main equipment should include the following: fabric, synthetic padding, sewing machine, staple gun and coloured pencil together.
-Iron the fabric before starting the reupholstering process.
-Give a personal touch to your couch by reupholstering it with high quality fabric.

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