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How to save money on Asian cruises

As the cruise industry continues to grow, many travellers consider a trip on a great ship with the sight seeing experiences of a land holiday. Asian cruises provide tourists with multi-stop, far east holidays, enabling them to see several countries on one cruise trip. These holidays don't have to cost a fortune. Follow the article for some valuable money-saving tips.

Internet booking

Travel websites can provide potential customers with complete control over cruise trip bookings. Different itineraries can be viewed, specific dates and rooms can be requested and virtual tours can be taken on the ships. For further information, try, and

The best time to travel

Holiday and ferry companies work on supply and demand. Therefore, the more popular the cruises in Asia, the more they cost. The busy, peak summer season and national holidays are best avoided if you are trying to find cheaper cruise bookings. If you travel out of season, you may find that cruise companies offer substantial discounts as they try to fill unsold tickets. Newspapers and magazines
National and local newspapers and magazines frequently advertise cruise holidays at discounted prices.


Many holiday and cruise companies charge fees for booking a ticket by debit or credit cards. Do your research in advance and check out which debit and credit cards are free to use and which ones come with hefty fees. According to law, they have to offer at least one free option to book a cruise, either online or in store. If you decide to book with a particular company but you don't have the free-to-use debit or credit card, open a basic bank account at the respective bank and obtain the card.

Book direct

Savings can sometimes be made by booking a cruise directly with the ferry company and therefore, you will avoid possible additional charges from a travel agent or online travel website. Many companies will also offer a facility for booking hotels. They can also provide transfers from the ferry port and car hire. Star Cruises Star Cruises specialise in Far East cruises. Holidays can be booked directly with them at Late deals
A late or a last minute cruise ticket may provide substantial savings. However, if the cruise is full, your travel plans will have to change.

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