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How to save money on a Sony digital SLR

After Sony took control of Konica Minolta's imaging business, the first DSLR camera they released was the digital Sony Alpha A100. Since then, there have been multiple cameras released which is good news for the photographer looking to save money when buying a Sony DSLR.

Buying the camera

The Sony A100 DSLR was an entry level model and there are higher specification versions that need to be looked at. We can also look at additions of the camera for saving money, such as a third party or second-hand DSLR len. There are also many third-party accessory companies that provide solutions at more affordable prices
Different cameras Which DSLR camera you decide to choose is wholly dependent on your skill level. Sony provide cameras for beginners, keen enthusiasts, semi-professionals and full professionals.
Specification and number
Looking at how Sony designate their cameras, generally speaking, the lower the number, the lower the specification of the camera. As new cameras have been released, the number of the camera has been raised. For example, the A100 was replaced by the A200, but to make matters more complicated, the A900 was replaced by the A850. Second-hand cameras
Everyone wants the best camera available, but sometimes it's fine to look at one that's older to save some money. It means buying second-hand usually, although it's possible to get some end-of-line models in clearance sales that will still be new.

Getting the lens

Lenses have a wider availability for a number of different reasons. First of all, Sony DSLR lenses have been around for a few years now and will be available on auction sites or in second-hand shops. Secondly, third party companies have a wide variety of new lenses in Sony A-Mount fit which will be cheaper than the Sony option. These lenses or older versions can be bought second-hand as well for more savings. Backwards compatibility There's also backwards compatibility of older Konica Minolta lenses, thanks to Sony retaining the original A-Mount bayonet fitting.

Finding useful accessories

There are many accessories around by alternative companies. It's worth shopping around on auction Internet sites to see the accesories. Useful accessories include an M42 adapter which will allow screw thread lenses to fit to the bayonet mount. M42 lenses
M42 lenses are cheap because no new cameras use them. You could get a reversal adapter to fit your standard lens on backwards. This gives immense close focusing of near point blank range and massive depth of field. There are many more options available and the list is exhaustive.

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