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How to see private myspace profiles?

So, you are interested in viewing someone's MySpace page but that individual has set his profile as private. This can be really frustrating, more so if you are in need of some significant detail or conducting some investigative work. Below you will find straightforward and quickest way to view a MySpace profile, which is set as private.

Viewing private myspace profiles

Using the right browser
The first thing that you need to do is to stay away from Microsoft Internet Explorer. With Microsoft Internet Explorer, you will not be able to view a private MySpace profile. Instead, make sure that you use Mozilla Firefox, which is a free browser and possess a function that can help you in viewing private MySpace profiles. Benefits of Mozilla Firefox
The best part about Mozilla Firefox is that it gives you an opportunity to see hidden comments, last login detail, contact tables and important personal details like age, location and email address. What to do to view private profiles?
You just need to install Firefox, run it, and go to MySpace and login. Go to the private profile that you are interested in viewing. At the top portion of the browser, you need to click on VIEW.
After that, go down to PAGE STYLE and make sure that you select NO STYLE. By following this route, you will be able to see the page and all the hidden details that are there. The formatting may disappoint you but you will get an access to all the details that you are looking for.

MySpace private profile

You may ask at this juncture whether this routine is legal or not. Let me tell you, this is not illegal. Illegal or not?
All this can happen because of MySpace's inability to solve programming issues. After all, you are just modifying the way the browser is implementing code on the web page. So you do not need to worry about anything, just kept on viewing private MySpace profiles.
Privacy issues
Seeing private MySpace profiles is solely your decision but in an ideal scenario. Logically speaking, why bother about viewing something which user does not want you to see? Until and unless, you are doing something constructive, there is no point seeing private MySpace profiles of others.

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