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How to set up Google email

These days, people tend to be mailing each other over the internet via email all the time rather than by letter. This is because it is faster and with most suppliers of email accounts, free. One such free email provider is Google mail or gmail. So, how do you set up gmail?

Setting up on site

First of all, you have to go to the homepage of Google mail, Secondly, you go about filling the sign up forms to get your new gmail account. These forms, as with any other forms, will take some time. You need to set up a password for your gmail account and decide what you want your private email address to be. You need this to sign in to gmail and use the services it provides such as gmail chat. After the form filling, you will immediately be able to access your email account and use its services.

Designing account

Once your account with gmail Google has been created, you can start sending emails but might want to first personalise it. Who doesn't want to personalise their things a little? The account and password is exclusive to you so it makes sense to make the gmail inbox and gmail account personal to you as well. There are plenty of applications that come with your gmail login that will help spice up the look of your email. Just play around with them and find out for yourself.

Benefits of Google mail

There are many benefits of having a Google login identification. Not only can you check gmail with this login, but you can also access email tracking so that you know exactly where your mail is being sent to. Also, the email storage you get with your gmail signup identification is more than adequate for personal needs so you will not need to delete many emails that are important to you, if any at all. With a gmail register, you don’t just have access to your gmail account but you can also access your general Google services as well. These include email accounts and everything else that Google has to offer such as converters, translators and, of course, the Google map application.

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