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How to set up a Planet Smoothie franchise

Planet Smoothie is a health oriented company and each store is a franchise. This article will provide steps to set up a franchise.

Planet Smoothie

Planet Smoothie encourages people to eat healthy with their all fruit smoothies. Their motto is "Changing the Way the Planet Eats" The first store opened in 1996 in Atlanta. Now, there are 108 locations.


Upfront investment Before considering a franchise, it’s important to know the upfront investment required. Costs for a Planet Smoothie franchise (listed 28.07.11) range from $184,300 to $328,800. As of this writing, other required fees included:2% of net sales for national advertising and a 5% of net sales continuing royalty fee excluding tax. In addition, your net-worth must be at least $250,000. This remains stable for the initial ten -ear agreement and franchisers can extend this for another ten years. However, the fees are likely to be higher. Steps in deciding if the opportunity is right for you Company recommended steps and time-line to decide on opening the franchise are: 1) Initial inquiry via phone or Internet- Day 1 2) Telephone interview- answering your questions- Day 2 3) Follow up to first contact- Day 9 4) Discovery day -visit Atlanta to learn more- Day 10. Tour the headquarters, and speak. (or when everyone’s management about franchising opportunities available) 5) Midpoint assessment - time to sit down- Day 17. Review everything that you’ve learned and decide if you want to continue. 6) Complete application and contact sheet- Day 27 7) Final committee qualifying Vote- Day 35 8) Decision notification- Day 36 9) Receive franchise agreements if approved- Day 40 10) Execute franchise agreements- Day 45

Setting up a franchise

Location To find a location, franchise owners are required to find their own potential locations for their store. However, company representatives will review all the available choices and approve a mutually agreed upon site that meets the companies' criteria. Interior design Plans for interior design will be provided, which can be altered to fit your location. Planet Smoothie University You will receive five days of training at the Atlanta site teaching you everything from how to make a smoothie to hiring and managing personnel. Grand Opening Three to four days prior to the Grand Opening, a support team will visit your store and work with you and your staff on the event. A marketing team will also visit to help you with the Grand Opening and to devise an appropriate marketing plan for your community. Ongoing support Ongoing support is provided by a business consultant to provide advice on growing your store, handling personnel issues and the best practices to manage your store.

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