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How to shave your head

People shave their heads for many reasons. Some people shave their heads because their going bald, others do it to make a statement, to wear as a style or to regrow healthy hair. Whatever the reason for shaving your head you can do it yourself with a simple tool and some instructions.

Step One

Take your electric clipper and trim you hair down. Trim your hair evenly throughout your head and trim it low to the scalp. Trimming your hair low will makes it easier to shave your head with the razor.

Step Two

Drench your hair with water. This step is necessary so that you don't shave on a dry scalp. Shaving on a dry scalp can cause you to get razor bumps and dandruff.

Step Three

Squirt some of your shaving gel on your hands and rub it thoroughly into your hair and scalp.

Step Four

Grab your razor and start shaving around the front of your hairline to the crown of your head.

Step Five

Shave the right side of your head, from your hairline to the top of your head. Repeat this step on the left side of your head.

Step Six

Move the razor towards the back of your head and start shaving from your hair line to the crown of your head.

Step Seven

Shave the crown of your head by moving the razor from the crown to the back of your head.

Step Eight

Run water on your head to remove any shaved hair pieces off your head. Wipe your head with a towel and apply some after shave on it, after shave will assist in the healing of any irritation caused by the razor. Add a natural oil to your head such as extra virgin olive oil, it will keep moisture to your scalp and make it shiny.


Electric clippers
Shaving gel tube
After shave bottle
Natural oil


Apply aloe vera gel helps with healing the scalp from any razor burns. Don't shave on a dry scalp, this may cause irritation to your scalp when shaving. Trim hair low before shaving. Buy a good quality razor that is made for shaving heads. Shave your head while in the shower. Apply sunscreen, if your planing to go out under the sun.

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