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How to spot Art Nouveau antiques

Art Nouveau antiques have such a wide range of objects that only years of dedicated study can make one an expert in the subject. It is an irresistible theme in art antiques and one is attracted to the deco rings, and antique tiles. The only way to spot genuine antiques is to learn about objects for sale in antique fairs.

Lalique and Tiffany

Art Nouveau represents an era of artistic creations between 1895 and 1915. Two prominent names which shine in this period are those of Frenchman Rene Jules Lalique and American Louis Comfort Tiffany. Both had an interest in glass and Tiffany created windows which decorate famous churches in America. Lalique designed jewellery for Cartier and Boucheron before starting his own business.

Maison de l'Art Nouveau

Lalique’s creations for Samuel Bing and Bing’s shop named Maison de l’Art Nouveau gave rise to the defining term of Art Nouveau. Art Nouveau is not to be mistaken with Art Deco objects. Art Deco covers a period between 1915 and 1935. Antiques for sale are available all over the world and distance makes it difficult to make a judgement.

Majorelle and Gaillard

Art Nouveau is identifiable by its use of beautiful women and nature. These are the recurring themes in it. A single tile from this period can be so beautiful that it deserves to be displayed as Heaven art. The stained glass windows of Tiffany are indeed heavenly. Art Nouveau furniture and decorative tiles are a topic in themselves. Furniture by Majorelle and Eugene Gaillard are masterpieces in wood.

Too good to be true

Let us consider tiles in UK of this period. The tiles are works of art. They were in demand because people spent a lot of their money on their homes. Even the poor desired these beautiful art tiles. They would spend a fraction of their money to acquire at least one of these tiles for sale. It was natural that this artistic style of the times should be also reflected in jewellery. Spotting Art Nouveau jewellery is a tough job. If we take for an example a plique-a-jour enamel gold and diamond pendant made around a woman’s pretty face of the nineteenth century it becomes clear that, after all, duplicating a work of art like this is not possible. No one can do the unique enamelling in the wire frame green leaves with a pale orange beautiful flower holding a diamond. It is French. Art nouveau is being sold as antiques online and at such low prices that one knows that they are duplicate. A genuine Art Nouveau antique ring can cost as much as €20,000. Sometimes, the only giveaway is that the deal is too good to be true.

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