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How to tease your hair into the style you want?

Big volume hair has never gone out of fashion. The best way to create this, is by teasing your hair, which means backcombing it. With these tips, you will be able to tease your hair into any style you want. From beehive, to a French twist, it will all be possible.

Wash and dry

The first step to teasing your hair, is making sure your hair is clean and dry. Note: If you tease hair that is wet, the results can be disastrous. Wet hair is more likely to damage easily. -After you have washed hair, blow dry it thoroughly.

Use curlers

To create some volume before you start back combing, it is best to curl hair first. - Use big curlers and leave them in for about twenty minutes to half an hour. Note: Do not use hairspray on the curls. Just let them flow naturally.

One strand at a time

If you want your hair to look fantastic, don't start back combing huge chunks at the same time. This can end up looking tangled and far from smooth. The important thing is to tease one strand of hair at a time. Steps to follow - Do this by separating a strand, and clipping back the rest of the hair. - Start at the top and move your way to the back. This does require some patience, but the results are worth it in the end. - Hold each strand up firmly and start brushing hair in the opposite direction to the growth, about four to six inches away from the scalp. - Move towards the scalp. You must keep on repeating this movement until you feel that you have created enough volume on the strand.


Before you comb the teased hair into the look you want, use hairspray. This may seem strange as a head full of teased hair is hardly the look you are going for. - Still use some hairspray to keep the volume. - Then gently brush the hair into the style you want for example a beehive, or a Grace Kelly bun. Tips
The inside may look static, but the outside should be smooth. You should gently brush the un-teased side of the strands over the teased hair.
Long lasting effect The greatest thing about a teased hairdo is that it will hold all night.

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