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How to tighten your skin?

As the body gets older, sagging and loose skin become unfortunately, a side effect of the ageing process. Whilst the look of excess skin is unsightly, there are several treatments available to counteract these effects.This can both help to reduce and eliminate the slack look, and which will in time, tighten skin up.

Counteracting the effects of childbirth and age

Ageing and the wear and tear on the body can result in a lack of collagen being produced. Collagen keeps the skin elastic and gives it a tight and youthful appearance. This means that as the gyno process occurs and a woman's body goes through the changes of child birth and the skin stretches, it loses its tightness and the skin can gain stretch marks. Treatments
The Titan laser skin tightening procedure is a new method used to tighten loose skin. This is a non-surgical procedure which is ideal for using for facial skin tightening, or for helping to tighten loose skin after a pregnancy. How it works
The skin tightening Titan laser works by penetrating the natural water in the skin's dermis, heating it up to such a point that it causes natural collagen production in the skin. Result
This particular procedure is effective at face tightening and can help to also tighten neck skin, which in turn can give a more youthful and fresh looking appearance.

Tightening skin after weight loss

Weight loss doesn't only change your body's shape in a positive way. If you've lost a lot of weight, it can affect the tightness of the skin. People who lose lots of weight often discover, after shedding several stones, that they are left with extra loose skin after weight loss. Cause
This sagging skin after weight loss can be difficult to remove and is often the cause of losing weight after surgery, or a change in diet, accompanied by a lack of exercise to strengthen the muscles under the skin in the process.
How to get rid of loose skin is a major dilemma for most people, as the only feasible way of removing heavy amounts of excess skin after weight loss, is to resort to plastic surgery. Treatments for tightening skin after weight loss
There are various skin tightening procedures and treatments available to help to reduce loose and excess skin. Skin tightening products and creams, such as Cellex-C for example, can help to reduce these effects, whilst Bio Oil can help to eliminate the appearance of stretch marks.

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