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How to train for a 5k marathon?

Running... potentially very daunting, especially for ‘couch potato’s who see images of super-fit, bronzed adonises from the small and silver screen. It needn’t be as difficult as often perceived. In this article, I will explain the useful steps in terms of necessary clothing, equipment and different training options to help one to go from 'couch' to running a 5k marathon.

Starting running

Starting points
A good starting point may be to make a dramatic statement of intent. For example any combination of the following: joining a gym, planning a running program, making a new year’s resolution (or just resolution) or entering a race/run/marathon such as a 5k (5 kilometre). Reasons for this
The idea of this is that it should give one the motivation, impetus, sense of compulsion, even fear (whatever one deems it), to start jogging. Running plans - Clothing
There are two main ways of training for a 5k: training in the gym or outside. For either, one will need to consider what they wear. Good footwear is important for running. Your bog standard trainers may make do, but for a serious runner proper running shoes are advisable. These can be found in specialist running shops (where specific advice will be available) or appropriately marked in standard sports shops. Accompaniment in gyms
Having a good soundtrack can also really help some in running so this is something to consider. Having a friend to talk to/motivate you can be great support. Also music can help. Gyms will typically have background music playing or TV and/or music channels one can connect by plugging (one’s own) headphones the machines. Accompaniment outside
However, if you do not want to listen to these or are training alone outside, it may be a good idea to set up some music on an mp3 which would work well as a soundtrack to training. Personally and for many others, this will be typically upbeat, high-tempo songs.

Different training options available

If you chooses to trains at a gym, there will be many different machines, circuit training may be available and one will have the expertise of the fitness instructors at hand to, for example, set realistic achievable running schedules. However, this nearly always involves a cost and can be a hassle to get there, changed etc.. Outside training
So, you may prefer the freedom of training outside. One should start with easier distances and gradually up the pace/distance in training for the 5k marathon.

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