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How to travel to South America

Do you want to take a vacation to South America? Whether you want to go on South American adventure tours through Brazil or Chile or go hiking in Columbia or Peru, there is a journey available for everyone in South America. Before embarking on your travel to South America, prepare everything and learn how to travel to South America.

Decide when you want to go

Arrange your vacation time. Keep in mind that cheap group tours such as Ecuador island tours and others will be the cheapest during the off-season and during non-holidays. Since it is always hot in South America, remember that winter times are some of the busiest time for travel.

Decide where you want to go

Research various travel deals and trips for holidays to South America. You might ask yourself the following questions: - How many countries can you visit in your limited time?
- What places do you most want to see?
- Do you plan to fly between locations?
- Do you want an adventure-based vacation, historical sight-seeing vacation in South America or a luxury resort vacation in South America? Chances are that you want a mix of all that for your big travel excursion.

Decide how you will travel

Decide if you will go on a group tour or travel independently before going. You need to do this before booking a ticket because many group travel deals include round trip plane ticket offers.

Prepare your passport and visa

Get your passport out and find out on your government's website what is needed to go to the specific South American countries that you want to go to. UK, US, Australian and other European travellers will just need their passport to get into a majority of South American countries (check to be sure).

Book a plane ticket

Research websites like Kayak, Expedia, Cheap Tickets and others for the best travel flight prices to South America. If you are going with a travel group, then just purchase the ticket with them.

Pack your bags

Think of everything you will need, like medication and travel guide books. Remember to take a first aid kit if you plan to trek and hike.

Arrange for a way to contact home

Talk to your cell phone provider about how to make calls home from South America. It may be expensive, but will come in handy during an emergency. Purchase local phone cards when you get there if possible.

Obtain embassy information

Get locations and phone numbers of your embassy in every country that you will be visiting. If you have any trouble, contact that embassy.

Notify your government

Tell your appropriate government department where you will be travelling to and during what time. This will make it much easier to find you or contact you if an emergency occurs.

Go to the airport

Head to the airport and board the plane once it's time to go! Have fun!

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