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How to use a Hopi ear candle

Hopi ear candling, also known as thermal auricular therapy is a non-invasive way to get rid of excess ear wax. The ear wax candle technique is done in many reputable salons and therapy offices across the country. They are natural therapies designed to treat a variety of conditions. Typically, it is a half-hour process. If you will like more information, speak with your GP. This article shows how to use a Hopi ear candle.

History of the candle

It is thought to be an Ancient Greek therapy, designed for cleansing and purification. It was through these methods that the treatment came to North America by way of the Hopi Indians. Today, healers use this old folklore remedy in a variety of settings and locations based on the way that the Hopi Indians treated.

How the candles work

Most of the Hopi candles are made from the same ingredients; sage, chamomile, beeswax, honey, beta-carotene, St. John’s wort and flax. These candles work on the thought that they draw out impurities and toxins gently by equalising the pressure as well as stimulating secretions. These deposits can either be found in the candle’s chimney section, in the condensed wax residue, or is worked up a day or two after the treatments.

Treatment and side efects

This works on those who have an impacted amount of ear wax or those who have ear aches. Those who just want a form of stress relief can also get the treatment. There are some contradictions, when it’s not good to use ear candling. These are if there is an allergy present to any of the ingredients, if there is an infection, if there is inflammation, or if there are grommets in place. There are those that may have ear popping or slight headaches with the treatment.

Hopi candle sessions

The treatment is typically given while lying down in a comfortable position. There may be soft music playing. The ear candle is put into the canal and held in a vertical hold. There will be a warm feeling and a crackling sound. Ash will fall as it burns. The ear wax candle is removed and the other ear is treated. Many people feel that it is a very relaxing environment and experience. These natural candles help to make sure that there are no preservatives and added chemicals which could add to any irritation.

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