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How to use an English-Korean translation tool online

You can find English to Korean translation tools from Google Translate and Babel Fish, which is now owed by Yahoo. While the translations can sometimes be awkward, these free online language converters can help you read a website or other text written in Korean, and help you convert your own text so that a friend in Korea can read it.

Overview of free website translation services

Google and Yahoo Translation web tools are only as accurate as the technology supporting the translation. Sites like Google and Yahoo have website translation tools which can be used to translate sites and text which you input into the form. You can choose which languages you want translated, and Google will offer alternative translations so you can find the most correctly stated words.
Do not look for professional translation When you use an online website converter, you should not expect professional translations. Free Korean translations are based on computer generated translations, not human translations. Slang phrases and idioms can be translated literally. So, a phrase like 'rock the boat' in English could be translated as 'stone the ship' in Korean.

How to use Google and Yahoo for English to Korean translations?

When you go to Google Translate or use the Google translation tool in your browser, Google will automatically detect the input language. You need to choose which language you want to translate your words into. Yahoo's Babel Fish expects you to put both languages into the fields. Versions of translation When Google translates English into Korean, they offer multiple versions of the translation. Yahoo will translate up to 150 words of your own English to Korean text at a time. You can use the box as many times as you want for translations. Both have field boxes where you can put text or a field for a url address so you can translate all of the text on a website. The Chosun Ilbo news site can be used as an example of the translations, using Korean to English as an example. On 26/06/11, ran a story about how Kia has surpassed GM in the United States. Google translated the summary of the article as saying, 'Hyundai Motor (005380), the United States, Kia's first-ever sales in the midsize market has reached a top of 0.26 days, according to industry last month, Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group in the United States.' Final word While this is not grammatically perfect, a native speaker can understand the idea of the story. The alternate translations available on Google help refine the results of the translations if they are confusing. Using a free online translator will not give perfect translations. However, they are adequate for communicating ideas.

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