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How to use an XBox data transfer kit

If you buy a new Xbox 360, you can transfer your data, such as games, music, and videos, to your new Xbox by using an Xbox Data Transfer Kit. If you use an Xbox for very long time, you acquire much data on it. Your game statistics and levels can be saved by using the data transfer kit. When you play the game on your new Xbox, all data will be intact, so you will not lose any levels, etc.

Remove the hard drive

Remove the hard drive from the old Xbox 360 console. Locate the Xbox 360 drive either on top of the console or on the left side, depending upon how the console is sitting. Press the Release button on the hard drive and lift it away from the console.

Connect the cable

Connect the transfer cable to the old hard drive, and plug the other end of the transfer cable into a USB port on the new Xbox 360 console. You can find a USB port on the new Xbox 360 console on the back or side of it. Turn on the new Xbox 360 console. If you have the latest console software installed on your console, you will receive a message to transfer to the console. Click on Yes, transfer to the console to continue. If you do not have the latest software installed on your console, update your console before you continue. The content transfer Click on Start to begin the content transfer. This process may take several hours to complete, depending upon the amount of data stored on the old hard drive. When the transfer is completed, sign into Xbox Live and start enjoying your new Xbox 360 console.

Software update

If you did not have the latest console software, you will need to update your console. Connect the Xbox 360 to the Internet. Go to My Xbox from the console, and then, select System Settings. Select Network Settings. Select Wired Network (or the name of your wireless network), if you are prompted to do so. Select Test Xbox LIVE Connection. Select Yes to update the console software. When you have finished updating, proceed with the previous step to do the content transfer.

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