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How to use an iPod?

The iPod can be used for many things aside playing music. The portable device made by Apple is capable of storing many types of files, including JPEG, MP3, WAV, BMP, etc. If you have bought a new iPod, or if it was given to you as a gift and using iPod seems challenging, here are some iPod tips you will need.

Charge the iPod

Bring out the iPod out of its container and remove all the plastics covering it. Go ahead and charge it by connecting it to your computers USB port or using an appropriate wall charger.

Sync the iPod with iTunes

Download iTunes from the apple website Install the software, and then start it after installation. If your iPod is still connected to the USB port of your computer, it will automatically sync with iTunes and would be ready to be used. To move your songs to the iPod, simply click and drag the song you want from your iTunes Library onto your iPod. Also to delete songs, you will have to click on your iPod icon in iTunes, and then click once on the song you would like to delete, and press the Delete key on your keyboard. Alternatively, you can right click the song and then press Delete.

Turn on and off

When you need to put off your iPod, click the button that is located on the top left of the iPod once. To turn the iPod off, hold the top left button down, and then slide it to power off. Please note that pressing the top left button once will only put the iPod in a sleep mode which still uses battery power.

Access the menu

Syncing the iPod with iTunes means that you have finished moving music and files to the iPod library. To start using it, you will have to access the main menu. Pressing the home button will always take you back to the main menu, wherever you are on your iPod. From the main menu, you will see all the installed applications, and you can easily have quick access to them.

Get an iPod cover

You need to get a protective case for your iPod. This will protect it from accidents like when it hits the ground and from scratches. This is very important and can also be easily gotten in most iPod shops. Protective covers will make your iPod to last very long.

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