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How to watch a free Hindi movie online

Watching Hindi films online couldn’t be easier. There are plenty of legal sites where you can watch a Hindi film online for free. This article will look at one service with advice on how to use it.

Step one

The site used here is The first step is choosing the language you wish to view the film in. The site carries films in Hindi, Tamil, and Bangladeshi, amongst other languages.

Step two

The next step is choosing the film. The site is arranged alphabetically rather than just putting the most recent film at the top. Thus, it's easier to find the film which you are looking for and maybe discover something new.

Step three

Once you have chosen the film, you have to watch it by simply clicking on it and the page will bring up the video. In most cases, it will deliver either a sample or a trailer with links to the film.

Step four

Some videos will require that you download additional software or video players. These are simple to do and in most cases free. The most popular one seems to be the Veoh player. Once this is downloaded, you can view your film.

Other services

Other services are available and links can be found by doing a basic search online. Sites such as Apna offer a nice selection. Lovefilm will allow you to stream movies suitable on TVs, but has a limited selection compared to other sites.


To view movies on Apna, you do need to sign up, but this is a quick process and the longest time is spent downloading the codec to play the films. The site also carries music videos online and cricket updates.

Hindi movies online

This site is another sign up site, but unlike Apna, it requires you to download the films to view them. This allows you to keep the films for longer but if you don’t have a large computer hard drive, this might make storage difficult.


This is another download site. The films are laid out in most recent first method and you select the film by clicking on it. It then redirects you to a download page. Once the film has downloaded, you can enjoy it.


For streaming films, you need to make sure that you have a fast enough Internet connection. If you have trouble watching YouTube clips, for instance, then you may get annoyed waiting for the film to buffer enough to play. There are a number of speed checkers available and it's worth checking before you consider streaming films.


This also depends on your speed and eagerness to watch a film. In most cases, the download is fast but it is worth thinking about this when considering your options.

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