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How to write an Executive Assistant job description

Executive Assistants are top level secretaries or personal assistants providing a professional business support services to executive level employees. Their workload can vary considerably between organisations, but there are some general guidelines when putting together a job description for an Executive Assistant.

Main duties

Within this section, it is important that the key duties and responsibilities are listed, providing exact details of what will be required of the post holder. Main duties Some of the main duties of an Executive Assistant which could be incorporated into the job description may include: - The preparation and edition of correspondence, communications, marketing and publicity material to partner organisations and members of the public. - The creation of presentations and other corporate documentation. - Conducting research, collection, collation and analysis of data. - Management and maintenance of executive schedules, booking meetings, hospitality and travel arrangements. - Review and improve operating practices as necessary. - Management of filing systems and being responsible for document retention policies. - Supervising and training other staff as appropriate. - Record, transcribe and word process minutes. - Coordinate events as necessary, arranging venue, daily schedule. - Screen calls and monitor incoming communications. - May be responsible for updating of company web page with new events or news as appropriate. Additional information Moreover, within the job description may be some kind of specialist skill which may be required of the assistant including substantial knowledge and experience of a particular sector, such as publishing, finance, retail or charitable organisations. An Executive Assistant may also be expected to undertake marketing tasks such as designing an advertisement or brochure, or finance tasks such as dealing with invoices. It generally depends upon the size of the organisation as to the duties of the executive assistant and whether they have any support staff.

Corporate duties

In this section, there will be general responsibilities which will be required of all staff, such as adhering to health, safety, security and confidentiality policies. The Human Resource department should have a copy of this which should be added to the end of the job description. By reading through the job description, applicants should be able to ascertain whether they have the right level of knowledge, skills and expertise in order to carry out the role effectively.
Qualifications and experience Qualifications or level of education is often not listed in the job description. Specific educational qualifications and/or knowledge required for the role are often stipulated within the person specification. Undertaking a search online will provide a wealth of information on PA job descriptions or job description templates which can be used as a starting point.

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