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Ideas for baby shower Thank you cards

Celebrating the impending arrival of a little one is a joyous event. A baby shower is usually accompanied by gifts for mum and baby alike. Whether you would like to simply thank guests for their presence at such an event, or specifically for a gift that was given, this article will provide a few suggestions on ways to say thank you.

What to say

Most people are unsure of how to write Thank You cards. A card to say thank you needn't be long and convoluted. The most important element is to ensure that your thank yous are personal.
Thanking your guests Handwriting your thank yous is a lovely way to add a personal touch to the thankyou notes that you give to your guests. Address each note personally, thanking your guest for joining you at the celebration. If you want the message to be more involved, you could add a short message about what that the specific guest said or did on the day. If the guest has given you a gift, be sure to mention the gift specifically. A nice way to end off a Thank You card is to sign it from mom, dad and baby.

Traditional Thank You cards

Traditional Thank You cards usually have cute images of babies and baby-related items on them in soft pastel colours. There is a wide range of blank Thank You cards available for purchase from news agents, stationers or from online stores. You could also use a digital template if you prefer. Traditional Thank You cards tend to be quite formal. You could add a personal touch by including a photograph from the day, or including a small image from your sonogram inside the card.

Unique Thank You cards

There are many ways to personalise the Thank You notes that you give. Print an image of the day and write your thank yous on the back like a postcard. Attach your note to a baby shoe or sock for a cute element. The baby shoe needn't be a real shoe, an origami paper shoe will be just as cute, and you could write directly on the sole of the shoe. Find over-sized candy pacifiers to attach to the Thank You note. Some novelty shops stock items like baby bottles, you could roll up the Thank You note and place it inside the toy bottle, place a few pink, blue and white candies inside to create a Thank You note and a party favour.

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