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Introducton to Beth Moore's Bible study

Beth Moore first established Living Proof Ministries back in 1994. The main motivation behind this, was to create a platform, from which she could effectively direct women in the ways of living, and loving based on the Lord’s Word. She has since gone on to write several books, and there are numerous Beth Moore Bible studies in publication. This article follows a brief introduction to her teaching.

Brief biography

Moore has been described by her father as coming into the world with the sound of a drum roll. Thus, Beth Moore was born on June 16th 1957, in Wisconsin. Her father, a retired army major, ran the local cinema, and Moore was instructed to assist in the running of the business, along with her four siblings. The storyteller It was this theatrical background that ensured Moore would grow up with a natural love of the story. She soon developed her own talent for the art of
storytelling herself.

The love of Christ

However, the one story that really had a lasting impression on the young Moore was not learnt in the cinema, rather it was the story she was told in church that is, of course, the story of Christ. Believing in God While, still in her teens, Moore was consequently to become convinced that her true calling was to carry out God's work in one way or another. Having graduated from University, she began taking Bible classes, and from these beginnings, she learned how to teach the word of God herself.

Living Proof Ministries

So, as the Living Proof Ministries became established in 1994, Moore began to establish herself as an artful teacher of the gospels. Her passion and talent for telling a good story is how she is best-known. Her teachings are often littered with poems and stories, that are related from the viewpoint of colourful and vital characters. World-wide expansion Since these humble origins, the Living Proof Ministries have gone on to reach a world-wide audience. In fact, it has been estimated that recent tours have been attended by more than 700,000 women. In addition, the first decade of this century saw Moore take her teachings to both radio and television, making her something of a familiar face. Final word Moore is the author of numerous Bible study books, including the Esther Bible Study, The Patriarchs, Believing God and Breaking Free, all of which are available at the Lifeway Christian Stores.

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