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Lafayette Bank and Trust: The facts

Lafayette Bank and Trust is community-based bank in Indiana, USA and is a division of the First Merchants Bank. From its beginnings in Lafayette in 1899, it has grown to 19 offices that serve customers and communities in Carroll, Clinton, Jasper, Montgomery, Tippecanoe and White Counties. This article gives an overview of Lafayette Bank and Trust services and its various locations.

First Merchants Merger

In October 2001, the First Merchants Corporation announced plans to merge with the Lafayette Bank & Trust Company. When Lafayette Bank and Trust Company’s 19 branch locations in three western Indiana counties (Tippecanoe, White & Jasper) and $750 million in assets were added to the Corporation’s existing assets, they totalled $2.7 billion once the merger was completed on
1 April 2002. Today, Lafayette Bank and Trust provide the usual range of financial services from consumer, mortgage and business banking, to cash management services, wealth management, investments and insurance. The Bank's current address is: Lafayette Bank And Trust Company,
250 Main Street,
47901. Further details can be found at


Lafayette Bank And Trust Company in Carroll County locations Flora, 25a South Center Street, Flora, Indiana, 46929 (1) Flora, 805 East Columbia Street, Flora, Indiana, 46929 (2) Lafayette Bank And Trust Company Jasper County locations Demotte, 437 North Halleck, Demotte, Indiana, 46310 (2) Remington, 101 East Division Street, Remington, Indiana, 47977 (2) Rensselaer, 200 West Washington Street, Rensselaer, Indiana, 47978 (2) Lafayette Bank And Trust Company Tippecanoe County locations Lafayette, 250 Main Street, Lafayette, Indiana, 47901 (2) Lafayette, 1803 East 350 South Lafayette, Indiana, 47902 (2) Lafayette, 3901 State Road 26 East Lafayette, Indiana, 47905 (2) Lafayette, 2862 U.S. Highway 231 S Lafayette, Indiana, 47905 (2) Lafayette, 2513 Maple Point Drive, Lafayette, Indiana, 47905 (3) Lafayette, 2504 Teal Road, Lafayette, Indiana, 47905 (2) Lafayette, 2200 Elmwood Avenue, Lafayette, Indiana, 47904 (2) West Lafayette, 3575 Senior Place, West Lafayette, Indiana, 47906 (2) West Lafayette, 2329 North Salisbury Street, West Lafayette, Indiana, 47906 (2) Lafayette Bank And Trust Company White County Locations Brookston, 103 N Prairie St., Brookston, Indiana, 47923 (2)
Monticello, 116 East Washington Street, Monticello, Indiana, 47960 (2) Monticello, 1088 West Broadway Street, Monticello, Indiana, 47960 (3) Reynolds, 105 E 2nd St., Reynolds, Indiana, 47980 (2) Key (1) Limited Loan Service Office. Works on loans only and will not accept deposits. (2) Full Service Branch Office. Accept deposits, can make different types of loans, open and close accounts, loan officer is typically on-site, normal hours, full-time banking staff. (3) Full Service Retail Office. Located in a retail facility such as a supermarket or department store, it may or may not have safe deposit boxes at this branch location.

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