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Mobile phones by Three: The facts

Three Phones is one of the best known mobile phone companies in the UK. Three Phones is written as both Three and 3 for mobiles. Even the company alternates how they name their phones. Their logo is a 3, and when you go to top-off your phone online, you need to log into the My3 section of the website.

Three Phones

Sale of different phones
Three has a 3G network and sells the iPhone, among other phones. They also sell LG, Nokia, HTC, Sony Ericsson. INQ, Samsung, and BlackBerry mobile phones. According to, the most popular 3 mobile phones in the UK are the iPhone 4, the BlackBerry Curve 9300, HTC Wildfire S, BlackBerry Bold 9780, HTC Desire HD, Nokia C2 01, Nokia 37, BlackBerry Torch, and Nokia E7 mobile phones, as of 28.06.11.
Phones on contract or pay-as-you-go phones 3 mobile has phones on contract or phones that are pay as you go phones. You can also get SIM only packs. My3 range
You can top-off your phones monthly on the My3 page, where you can also pay your bill and find 3 mobile phone deals.
Pricing range 3 phone pricing ranges from very basic phones that are inexpensive to luxury smart phones that are pricey.
International networks
You can access international networks on 3 phones, but there are extra fees to use the phones outside of the UK.

Thee Phones pricing

Cost of the phones The price of three phones depends on the contract or monthly plan that you choose. The plan can have built-in features, that off-set the price of the phone itself. You are locked into 3 mobile with some phones, but you can use your SIM card from one 3 phone in another 3 phone. You can also buy used phones that someone else used on 3, and put your SIM card in to have a newer phone than your current mobile. PDF file Three phones has a 19 page PDF file, explaining their price structure for their mobile phone services, including SIM zero and SIM only plans. Price Guide The Price Guide details international calling rates, and even explains unusual calling circumstances, such as calling a fax machine from your mobile phone. You can find the Price Guide, and download it without logging into My3, so you do not need to be a current customer to review it. The Price Guide is on

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