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Movies that are coming soon on DVD

We all love going to the cinema to see the latest releases on the silver screen. Surely, we would like to continue to watch our favourite films on our home screens. Home cinema is a great way to pass the time. Movies come out sooner at retail than ever before. This article will detail on which films are coming soon on DVD.


How soon to DVD?
Movies coming out on DVD soon will include the likes of Thor, X-men: First Class, Fast and Furious 5 : Rio Heist. The list goes is unlimited. Recent films at the cinema will come to DVD within three or four months. This enables the viewer to purchase the DVD in order to add it to his favourite collection at home. Recent movies
DVD releases in the UK are out on Mondays, that is on a weekly basis. So, if a film is released in summer, it is usually on a retailer's shelves in time for the X-mas period. Disney DVD movies follow the same pattern as the other films by different film companies and distributors. Future movie releases
At present, new movie releases not only come on DVD/Blu-rays, but they are also available via digital download to your home PC or laptop. Some DVD movie releases are called triple plays. This gives you a Blu-ray, DVD and a digital copy of the same film for your viewing pleasure.

Recent movies on DVD

Recent movies have been not just been released on DVD, but also on Blu-ray and digital download via apples iTunes or another digital distribution network. Blockbuster releases are a great way to keep the whole family entertained as most come with a
family-friendly certification from the BBFC. A suitable rating for a family film would be that of a U, PG or a PG12 certificate film. Upcoming movies have all the tricks of the trade, some even being in 3D. The best way to get news on future releases on DVD is to get onto a mailing list on an online site such as or Continuously searching for them online can also be of great help.

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