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National Pen Company: The facts

The National Pen Company has been based in Dundalk since 1987. It is part of the larger National Pen Corporation which is based in San Diego, California. The company sells imprinted pens as well as pencils and other items. The company has gained a solid reputation. National Pen currently operates out of 13 countries located in Europe. It is a guaranteed Irish company. This article details out the facts about National Pen Company.

Pens and pencils

The National Pen Company sells a selection of pens that range from less than a pound each to over two pounds as of 19.08.11. When personalising your pen, you are able to put information such as event, theme and industry. The pens include traditional ones as well as "bendy" pens that look as though the body of the pen is missing. The pencils range from wood to mechanical, popular and art set. The art set includes a bag for the pencils which can be personalised as well. The pencils can be quite plain, or be looped as if it were a piece of pasta. The most popular designs may be something that you wish to consider when shopping for the right pencils for your company.

Office and electronics

You can have all the information that you need on personalised computers, stress balls, calculators, clocks and more. This is true for electronic clock, calculators, gadgets and radios. All of the items range in price per unit which helps you to choose the item. You can also choose the quantity of personalised items that will fit your budget.

The rest

If you wish to buy personalised hats, bags, coats, fleeces, shirts, towels, novelties including magnets and art sets, golf equipment, drink ware and things for kitchen and bath, then you will have plenty to choose from. Even menthol sweets with your company name can be one of the options. For those who smoke, there are lighters as well. All of the items can have the message and designs that you want on them. The quantities will allow you to buy the proper number of items for you and your staff. The selection of size, especially with the clothes, will help you to ensure that everyone looks good in their personalised garb.

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Inventive uses for sterling silver wire

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