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Nationwide banking: What do they offer customers?

Nationwide banking offer customers everything that you can think of, except hometown feeling and lollipops. Some smaller banks in the Midwest offer a more personal appeal, but in today's world of high finance, people are generally more interested in how to save money fast, in visa services, loans and internet accessibility.

Compare the large banks in the US

The top banks in the US have remained that way for years. Even though you have heard of many bad things about the Bank of America's short sale processing rate, they are still the number one on all reports. Here are the top banks in the US: - Bank of America
- Wells Fargo
- JP Morgan Chase
- Citibank
- PNC Bank
- U.S. Bank These banks are rated on the amount of deposits held, not on the overall service of the bank. Banks should be rated on the customer service offered, the loans available, the savings accounts and the internet banking, and not just on their assets.

Online banking

In the past five years, internet banking has skyrocketed. The Bank of America is still the number one in online banking, savings banking and has the best 24-hour customer service. The Bank of America has simplified the process and for no money at all, each month you can open an account online by going to You are only asked some simple questions and then asked to make a deposit and to prove identification. If you are short of funds, you will be given 30 days to make a deposit. An ATM card is sent you immediately and the customer service will verify who you are over the phone. You simply need to verify past addresses and employers. If you are looking to avoid long lines on Fridays to cash your checks or want to email the customer service instead of taking a number in the lobby, online banking is the best solution.

Mortgage loans, visa cards and perks

Nationwide banks are very competitive and offer new mortgage loan packages to compete with the local banks. Applying for a mortgage from your own bank is just smart business. They have a record of your financial records and past history. Other services which Nationwide banks offer are: - Mortgage loans
- CD accounts with the best interest
- Apply for a visa card
- Open a bank account over the phone
- Apply for a debit card
- Impeccable customer service Needless to say, not every bank in every location offers the same benefits or treat their clients in the same way. The good thing about having a large number of Nationwide banks around is that you can always switch branches or find new banks. Sources:

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National Bank NZ: The facts

National Bank NZ: The facts

The National Bank NZ is located in New Zealand and is part of ANZ National Bank Limited. This in turn, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ) based in Melbourne. The bank has a long tradition being founded in 1872 and the first branches appeared the following year in Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch.
How to get a cash advance on a credit card

How to get a cash advance on a credit card

You can use your card to make a cash withdrawal from an ATM. A credit card cash advance provides an affordable way to borrow money, especially if you now have a very bad credit history. It's an excellent source of emergency cash because you can get the money you urgently need within seconds of reaching a cash point machine.
Where to get a business mortgage

Where to get a business mortgage

Getting a business mortgage is different in many ways than getting a private or individual mortgage. When you get business mortgages, the business must have sufficient credit and/or assets in order to be a good enough credit risk. Commercial loans can also be judged based on expected income of the property, as opposed to current value of the property. The value of business property loans may also be higher than residential mortgages. So, where do you go to get these special loans?
Dealing with life after bankruptcy

Dealing with life after bankruptcy

If you become bankrupt, it can affect your credit rating because it will appear on your credit report for up to ten years. Everyone including the lenders will see you as a bad risk. If you go bankrupt, it becomes difficult for you to borrow loans or getting a credit card. Even if you manage to get a loan or credit card, the interest rates will be very high. There are some things that you can however do to still be able to live a positive life after bankruptcy.