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New kids' movies released on DVD

Even adults like kids movies, don't they? Kid films are coming out at an exceptional rate, as the market place for these movies is forever expanding. DVD for kids is a must have home edition, as it keeps your children entertained, when its raining. Movies on TV throughout the summer are aimed at kids and the family. So, to find out about the new DVDs, read on.

Family movies

The appeal of kids films Family movies are universal in their appeal, often they are seen by adults as kids films. Short list of new films Try these new films out for children on DVD. 1) How to train you dragon
2) Tangled
3) Despicable Me
4) Alpha and Omega The CGI film All of the above films are more than suitable for kids of most, if not all ages.They are recommended as fun afternoons entertainment for all the family. They are CGI films, but coming from the likes of Disneys Pixar are of a great quality in both animation and story.

Family films

Search stores Recent movies are always going to be available on children's DVDs, the latest movies out are easy to search for by either going into the High street stores such as HMV, and looking at the new release sections. If you can't peruse the store, you can always look at the online retailers like and who all have easy to search web sites.
Magazines are another valuable resource to aid you in your search for the newest kids DVDs. These magazine are released on a monthly basis, and have a section dedicated to news and previews of the latest films. As well as these sections, there is also a movie calendar with predicted dates for release of recent films to the DVD/blue-ray market. DVDs New films on DVD are easy to source if you look at all of your options. The usual course for a film is to be released at the cinema, then three or four months down the line, be released on sell through DVD. If you keep this in mind, then you can easily track down the newest kids films on DVD.
Release date DVD releases always occur on a Monday morning in the UK. If you pre-order from a web site, then then you can obtain the film on the advertised release date on the web site you ordered it from.

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