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Nortel BCM 400: The facts

The BCM 400 is a Nortel phone system that is primarily designed for large office use. It can be utilised solely as an IP phone system or you can also partner it with other digital and IP telephones. The BCM 400 is a flexible multi-purpose phone system that comes built-in with various features such as unified messaging, auto attendant and voicemail. This article provides you with an overview of the Nortel BCM 400.

Features and benefits (IP telephony, universal Internet access, and call centre applications)

IP telephony and convergence The Nortel BCM 400 is a phone system that combines data and voice functionality into one unified platform. It also features a diverse range of data services that can meet the requirements of many types of businesses. Among the services that can be delivered securely by BCM 400 without the use of external routers are: IP telephony, Internet access, local and wide area networking. Universal Internet access Nortel BCM 400 features universal Internet access which connects all workstations and users. It also provides remote connectivity for mobile or home users, access to office intranet and support for in-site Virtual Private Networks. Call centre applications Having a call centre can enable you to deliver high quality customer service which can help to give your company an edge over other competitors. A dedicated call centre is also a highly efficient way of enabling a small number of agents to manage a large number of calls. The Nortel BCM 400 is able to support multimedia, professional and basic call centre solutions.

Features and benefits (wireless solutions, hybrid environment, and unified messaging)

Wireless solutions Wireless solutions allow the users to break away from their workstations. That gives call centre representatives, for example, direct access to wireless scanners for efficient inventory operations. Hybrid environment This Nortel phone system allows for a hybrid environment which incorporates various systems such as Norstar, Communication Server 100 and Meridian. This hybrid environment ensures that businesses can profit from a long-term migration strategy, which can in turn result in the following: - Reduced wastage - Reduced redundancy - Improved return on investment, and ultimately - Reduced costs Unified messaging This Nortel phone product comes with unified messaging, which is a feature that brings together email, voice and fax messaging into a singular interface. It utilises a singular directory. It also provides the users with the ability to see, sort, prioritise, and answer email, faxes, and voice mail using one common screen.

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