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Places to sell old cell phones

People are always getting new phones, whether it's the new Christmas present which you have been waiting all year for or its your latest upgrade. Hence, this leaves a lot of old phones lying around. These old phones which many consider useless can have some good worth. So the question is, where can you sell your old phones? This article details out information in regard to where those used phones can be sold.

Online stores

There are many online stores available for you if you're selling mobiles for cash, such as Amazon and Ebay. Amazon will allow you to list your phone online for other people to buy if they are interested and Ebay will do the same but it also offers a bid option where people can make offers for your phone. This could be the best choice if you have a High-End phone since most companies are reluctant to offer that much, whereas another person may see it as a bargain.

Mobile recycling

Used mobile phones Many people have seen the adverts for these, such as Mazuma Mobile or Envirofone, where they can recycle their phones. Used mobile phones are bought by these companies and are either sold abroad to developing companies or recycled for parts and precious metals. They also dispose of the toxic batteries properly. Selling off or recycling The circuit boards of phones contain a lot of precious metals such as gold, silver and copper. Once extracted, they can be sold off to be recycled, probably being used in circuit boards of new phones. One downside to this method is that they usually don't offer that much cash for your phone. However, it is completely hassle-free and very simple.

Phone upgrade

When you upgrade your phone to a new contract or even start a new contract completely, it is sometimes possible to exchange your old phone for money off or for straight cash. This is also available on Pay As You Go phones, which normally require a minimum of £10 top-up when bought but if you hand in an old phone, then you don't have to pay for a top-up and sometimes you can get some more off the price of the new phone. Best offer The best offer for a phone upgrade option is with the Phones4U where you are able to hand over an old beaten up phone, which would be worth pennies to mobile recycling and impossible to sell on Ebay and is given £60 in cash in return. This is definitely a good choice for exchanging really old mobile phones which may not actually be worthless.

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