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Product review: If You Care sandwich bags

Making a sandwich for your kids can now be an eco-friendly process, thanks to the sandwich bags from If You Care. These make a perfect alternative to the usual ziplock baggies or film bags that you tend to use for packing your children’s school lunches. This article provides you with a review of If You Care sandwich bags.

Eco-friendly benefits offered by If You Care sandwich bags

If your primary reason for purchasing this is as a complement to your organic and eco-friendly lifestyle, then you definitely made the right choice. Firstly, it offers some significant health benefits for your kids and anyone else for whom you are packing food or snacks. If You Care sandwich bag is made from 100% unbleached paper taken from Scandinavian spruce trees in Sweden. These materials are not just all-natural, but also completely free of chlorine, which ensures that no toxic materials are dumped into natural bodies of water.The materials from which these sandwich bags are made up of have natural barriers to grease and fats, thus keeping your sandwiches, cookies and packed food completely fresh and grease-free. Description The plain, but elegant design for its packaging is printed with vegetable-based ink, while its cardboard packaging is made from unbleached and recycled materials, ready to be recycled again when you go through all 48 sandwich bags in the pack.

Healthy diet guaranteed by If You Care sandwich bags

If you are a fan of an organic or vegan diet, then you will definitely appreciate the fact that these bags have not used any petroleum product in their creation. They are also safe to microwave and completely free from both allergen and gluten.
Advantages If you like to bring cookies, sandwiches and nuts to school or the office, then these bags will serve you well. This is especially true when your snacks are profusely spread with butter, mayonnaise, margarine and the likes. These spreads or dressings have a tendency to stick to the body of your paper sandwich bag, making them greasy to touch. But that will not happen with an If You Care sandwich bag. With this sandwich bag, dressings and spreads stay right where they should be: On your food. Disadvantage The only downside to using If You Care sandwich bags is that it does not give you the 'sealed' security that you can get from typical ziplock bags. If You Care sandwich bags are, ultimately, paper sandwich bags, which require external adhesive or sealing in order to keep your food fully and permanently enclosed until it is time for your delicious meal to be served.

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