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Pros and cons of business phone number use for the self-employed

If you are self-employed, you need to offer customers, and clients a contact number, so that they can reach you for business issues. A business phone number can be an unwanted additional expense, particularly when you are first starting your business or freelance project. If you have clients in different areas, you might want to invest in an 0800 or 0808 number.

Reasons to have a business phone number

Different lines connected together If you have a separate phone line, you can work from home, and keep your family calls and your business call separate. Two-line phones are available, so that you can have different rings for each line and use one telephone to handle your business calls and your phone calls. You can also use a two-line phone for a small phone conference, by connecting the two lines and a third party. Mobile line for business You can also get a mobile phone for your business, and it can act as a business telephone line. This can be an expensive phone, because calls during business hours, use more air-time minutes. A mobile line would come with a digital answer phone, since mobiles have their own answering systems. This can help to separate your business concerns and your personal concerns.
Fax number If you are going to be sending and receiving faxes on regular basis, you will either need to buy a virtual fax number, or use a land-line telephone line.

Reasons for not getting a business phone line

Availability of Google Voice Thanks to Google Voice, you do not need to invest in a personal phone line. Google Voice is free, and you can have the calls forwarded to your mobile or home line, and pay any related phone charges or minutes. You can give a Google Voice number to clients, or have it printed on your business cards, and know that when a call comes from the Google Voice number, it is a business contact calling you. Track of calls through Gmail
Google Voice also lets you keep track of calls through Gmail, so you can have a handy record of your contacts. You can listen to messages, and even get text transcripts of messages. Hence, Google Voice is a useful business phone option, that does not require the expense of getting a business line. Virtual phone numbers and Voip providers You can find similar services, through virtual phone numbers and Voip providers, such as Skype.

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